10 things you can do to support your local independent bookshop during Covid-19

...many you can do even if you are self-isolating

The start of 2020 has been a difficult one for the High Street with flooding and now Covid-19 impacting the numbers of customers out and about.  Please help your local independent shops who employ local staff, use local suppliers and offer a place for people to meet and forge friendships over books and stories. 
Independent bookshops help you find books that may otherwise lay undiscovered by an algorithm or “people who liked this, also liked this”. We are real people and know our books & can offer insight and guidance to help you source what you really need.  Booksellers at independent bookshops focus on providing a personalised service for each individual. 


So, now you say “I get it, but what can I do?”  Some tips to help: 

  1. Buy a book in the shop
    If you can, pop into the shop and buy something; even just one book makes a HUGE difference to an indie bookshop.  

  2. Order online
    If you can’t get out, you live too far away, or are self-isolating. Order online. If they don’t have a website get in touch by email and say “Can I order this book to be sent out by post?” If they do have a website but don’t have the book you want please send a message to them and they will do their best.  Did you know that most have access to send books out even if they don’t have it in stock? So, please do ask.

  3. Send a book to a friend
    Someone self-isolating or going through a tricky time? Then why not send a book to them to let them know you are there and thinking about them. We have special Postivity Parcels which include a copy of Happy News, a chocolate treat, tea-bag & book to help your self-care but others will have other ideas.

  4. Ask for book recommendations
    if you are not sure what you want to read then let them have a budget, what you like to read and ask for suggestions. This is what we do every day & would love to do more of it.

  5. Write a review of the bookshop
    On Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook or a local website. Raise the profile of the bookshop so that people know it is there and open for business.

  6. Follow on Social Media
    check out if they are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. follow them to offer support.

  7. Like, Share, Comment and Engage on social media
    follow their posts, share them with your friends and comment. If you have a picture of a book you have bought from them share it – they would love to see this.

  8. Post a book review
    if you have read a great book, post a review, with a link about buying locally.

  9. Tell your friends about us
    it is surprising how many people say “we didn’t know you were here” so please do talk about us & what we can offer.  

  10. Be kind.
    We know you are stressed during this tricky time & we are trying to respond to a rapidly changing environment so keep in touch and help us to help you. 

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