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How can we help schools

Button & Bear was set up in 2016 bringing expertise in the development of reading programmes to schools, teachers & librarians across the region.

The work with schools has an outcome based approach meaning that stretched budgets can be targeted at the areas that can have the greatest effect. 

The approach is based on ensuring that you have in place each of the four essential structures to build readers for life, Access, Opportunity, Inspiration and Skill. 

Our Services to Schools

  • Author/ Illustrator events

  • Growing a reader - parents' session 

  • Fundraising activities for school & fundraising to get books to local children in need

  • Update your school library stock with a donation page

  • School visit to the shop

  • Pop up book-fair: earn books for your school

  • Termly book reviewers' initiative with proof copies.

  • World book day resources

  • Identification of suitable books and :

    • Book supply for class sets or individual copies high levels of discount available​

    • Book lists

    • Books for topics/themed displays

    • Books that help

    • Book club school subscription & teacher resources

    • Books for school prizes

  • Personalised National Book Tokens​

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