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    Young bookclub selects a book each month for children aged approximately 9-12 years. This can be given as a gift.


    This Months bookclub will ship on Monday 9th September.


    The months book will be packaged up along with a copy of 'Kids Fight Plastic' Book and Bookmark by Martin Dorey.


    Each month the package will also include an envelope with discussion points for the book which can be used to discuss on a one to one basis with a friend or adult, or run your own informal book club with friends.


    Anna at War

    About the Book

    "Moving and utterly enthralling" - Lissa EvansAs life for German Jews becomes increasingly perilous, Anna's parents put her on a train leaving for England. But the war follows her to Kent, and soon Anna finds herself caught up in a web of betrayal and secrecy. How can she prove whose side she's on when she can't tell anyone the truth? But actions speak louder than words, and Anna has a dangerous plan...

    A brilliant and moving wartime adventure from the author of Evie's Ghost. Cover illustration by Daniela Terrazzini.

    Young Bookclub

    SKU: 9781788004718

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