• The brand new, read-in-one-sitting mystery from the bestselling author of THE GOLDFISH BOY.


    Telling a little white lie now and then is harmless, right? But what if it leads to you being a household name and international celebrity? Cole is the boy who fooled the world and finds himself trapped in a huge web of lies... can he break free? Cole's family is struggling to make ends meet and he doesn't fit in with the rich kids at his school. Until the day a painting Cole made in Art class is unexpectedly spotted and sold in a posh London gallery for thousands of pounds. Suddenly, he's the toast of the international art world, invited on prime time chat shows, hailed as a boy genius! But Cole has been keeping a secret... he is not the creator of the painting; the white lie he told has spiraled out of control and his world will crumble when he's exposed on live television. His family is plunged back into poverty, and there's only one way out: Cole must crack the riddle of a mysterious painting that promises the clues hidden within it will lead the solver to great riches.

    The Boy Who Fooled the World

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